The archaeological crypt at Notre-Dame

Overall view of the
archaeological crypt.
Photo: J.-L. Godard / CVP
Cliché J.-L. Godard / CVP.
Photo: J.-L. Godard / CVP.

Cliché J.-L. Godard / CVP.
  The archaeological crypt was created to display the discoveries made during the archaeological campaign undertaken in 1965 prior to the construction of an underground parking lot beneath the square in front of Notre-Dame. It was initiated by Michel Fleury, Vice President of the Commission du Vieux Paris and Director of Historical Antiquities for the Île de France region.

The crypt holds a number of vestiges of Gallo-Roman developments and buildings, including a system of quays, houses equipped with hypocausts, and a section of Late Roman wall. Later periods are represented by medieval wells, cellars of medieval houses and the foundations of the front of the Hospice des Enfants-Trouvés built by Boffrand in the 18th century.

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