The amphitheatre

The reconstitution was largely based on amphitheatres at Nimes and Arles. Nevertheless, it gives us an idea of the monumental size of the Parisian structure.
3D graphics: A.-B. Pimpaud.

Aerial view of the amphitheatre.
Restored view, map and current state.
3D graphics: A.-B. Pimpaud. Map: D. Busson et V. Charlanne.
Photo: IGN Photothèque Nationale - 1969.
  The amphitheatre was located outside of the Early Roman city. All attempts by archaeologists to integrate the structure into the ancient road system-often by extending it-have proved fruitless.
Using a practice that was much employed in antiquity, the builders used the contours of the land, in this case the southwest face of the Sainte-Geneviève hill, to situate the monument. Using this natural incline meant that the size of the substructure needed to support the cavea could be reduced, if not completely eliminated.